Time to compare apples to, well, apples, and see if the life hack theory of soaking apple slices in a mixture of honey and water will really keep them from browning quicker, or if you'll just end up with honey-flavored apples. Either way is a win if you ask me.

My kids eat apples pretty regularly and it seems that we end up throwing away uneaten slices on a pretty regular basis. I hate to even think about how many total apples it would be if you added all those slices together.

I stumbled on the video below after seeing still shots from it included in a list of "fruit hacks" on Buzzfeed, and thought I may have found the answer to cutting back on the waste.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, then you probably picked up on the fact that I don't believe much of anything I see on the internet until I either do a little research on it, or try it out myself. Let's see if this claim is everything it's "sliced" up to be (that was an awful joke, and I apologize).