Can you really create fire by using a AA battery and chewing gum wrappers? There's only one way to find out.

According to the video above by YouTube user, greenhho, and basic 8th grade science knowledge, the aluminum in the gum wrapper acts as a conductor for the electricity contained inside the battery, creating enough heat to ignite the paper on the backside of the wrapper. This is also referred to in Correction Facilities as a "prison lighter" thanks to a few crafty inmates over the years (imagine what they could do if they put that ingenuity to a good use).

The video above was uploaded to YouTube back in October of 2011, however I just saw it for the first time earlier this week after a friend shared it on Facebook. Being fascinated by science-y type things, and having a curious mind to learn how things work, I had to give it a try.

I gathered up the necessary ingredients and went to the picnic table out back at the station to conduct the experiment for two reasons. 1) If it did work, I didn't want to accidentally catch anything on fire in my office, and 2) if it went horribly wrong, like say the battery exploded, I wanted to minimize any potential collateral damage that may take place. With two of our sales reps as an audience, I gave it a go.

DISCLAIMER: Kids, do NOT try this at home without adult supervision!