Adam 'MCA' Yauch the founding member of the Beastie Boys passed away.  In 2009 MCA was found to have a cancerous tumor in his salivary gland, and today (May 4th 2012) MCA lost his 3 year battle with cancer.  He was only 47.   Back in the 80's Beastie Boys helped bring rap into the mainstream music world with their huge debut album ‘Licensed to Ill.’ Just a few weeks ago Beastie Boys were indited into the Rock n' Roll hall of fame.  MCA will definitely be missed. Okay I hate sad things, so instead of reading on about how sad this is and how huge of a loss this is, let's celebrate his life and some of the amazing tunes he helped to create! I've got my top 5 favorite Beastie Boy songs below!

I'm not totally sure if you knew this or not, but I am a HUGE Beastie Boy fan, so this was really sad for me to hear, however I'm always going to be thankful for the music MCA helped bring to life.

Drum roll pleasssssse!

5) From their '92 album Check Your Head 'Skills to Pay the Bills'

4) 'Brass Monkey' from their 1986 debut album Licensed to Ill

3) 'Paul Revere' also off of their Licensed to Ill album

2)'Fight For Your Right' (to paaaaaartyyyy!) The ultimate party song, has earned the number 2 spot on my hightly prestigious countdown, because seriously it's just an awesome song, and also because you can't go into a bar or party with out hearing the phrase "You gotta fight....for your right" And then everyone just yelling "TO PARRRRRTAAAAYYY!) true story, it's happened to me numerous times. please just check out the totally awesomely 80's hair dos.

1)And finally number one!  I know a top 5 countdown is huge, I'm not even totally sure how you got through it.  But anyways my number one favorite Beastie Boy song of all time!