Believe it or not, rimes don't get wrapped up in an hour or two. Actual police departments work a bit differently than those you see on TV and in the movies. The 40th Citizens Academy with the Evansville Police Department looks to give the public an opportunity to look behind the curtain and see what it takes to keep the city streets safe.

The Academy begins on Tuesday, April 2nd, and will meet every Tuesday thereafter through May 12th. It's free to attend will give participants the opportunity to meet EPD officers and investigators and hear first hand accounts of how they do business. You'll also get to see the equipment officers use and hear about the programs they use to help make Evansville a better place. Finally, there's an opportunity to ride with an officer on the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course and participate in a ride -along with a patrol officer on the street.

There is no charge to participate, however space is limited and fills quickly according to the Evansville Police Department's Facebook page. To sign up, call call Debbie Baird at 436-4948.