One week before the Born This Way album hits stores, Lady Gaga will release another track from the album. This one is called "Hair" and will be available for download on May 23rd. Rumor is this one has that 80's feel that several of the latest Gaga songs have shared. "Hair" will be the fourth song that has been released before the album hits stores.

In February, Gaga told Ryan Seacrest that ‘Hair’ is one of her favorite songs on the album. She compared its anthemic rock chorus to KISS and Iron Maiden and also revealed some of the lyrics, including, “I’ve had enough / This is my prayer, that I’ll die living just as free as my hair.”
Check out the Seacrest interview below...
Good news is that if you have bought all four digital tracks, and then decide that you want to purchase the whole album, Born This Way will be sold at a discounted price! If you want to read more check out