Mirror, mirror on the wall.  Who's the cutest of them all?! Like I said before, usually this contest is KISS ‘EM or DISS ‘EM, but we can’t DISS adorable babies! So we changed the name to KISS ‘EM or KISS ‘EM this week! We started this week with 8 of the most adorable babies you've ever seen, but unfortunately some of the votes just weren't there.  Today we eliminated the final two.  After a really great week, Arwynn and  Zane hung in there, but the votes just weren't there this week.  Now Austin and CJ are going head to head for that Summer Entertainment Prize Package! We reset the poll, and are ready for your votes! Keep up the voting!! Good luck

KISS ‘EM OR DISS ‘EM: At the beginning of each week, we will post eight cuties for KISS fans to vote on daily. At the end of each day, we will eliminate the two cuties with the lowest amount of votes and restart the voting.

On Thursday/Friday, the two cutest fans will go head-to-head to win – the winner at the end of the week will receive a summertime entertainment prize pack and bragging rights of being the Cutest of them ALL!

Thanks for being a fan of KISS-FM and we look forward to seeing your KISS ‘em or DISS ‘em pic!