Two artists are going to duke it out every weeknight at 9:00 but you have to vote for your favorite! The winner will move on to the next round and if they win for a week straight, they move into the KISS it or DISS it Hall of Fame! But only YOUR vote determines the winner!

Let's meet the competitors!



Vanessa Marie 'Turn My Lights On'

Vanessa Marie is still up and coming, and she's starting out strong with her very first single 'Turn My Lights On'



Loose Screws 'I'm a Star'

Straight out of Muncie loose Screws is up and coming, and if 'I'm a Star' is any indication of how successful they'll be, I have a feeling they have a pretty good career ahead of them! This song has SUMMER written all over, which is my all time favorite season!


VOTING ENDS AT 8PM CDT ON Friday, MAY 3rd, 2013