Two artists are going head to head in a "KISS It or Diss It" battle. Here's the premise, each night I'm going to take two new songs and pit them against each other for your love and affection.But you have to be sure to vote to make sure your favorite makes it to the next round!


Nikki Williams VS 3Oh!3 (Nikki Williams/3Oh!3 Official Facebook Pages)

Nikki Williams 'Glowing'

The new competitor in the KISS it or DISS it competition! 3Oh!3 took out Ed Sheeran after a FOUR night winning streak! Now Nikki Williams is swooping in with her hit 'Glowing' to take on the competition!


3Oh!3 'Back To Life'

3Oh!3 have been around for a long time. They've had just a couple hits, and I wouldn't be surprised if this one becomes another hit to add on that list. It's not your normal upbeat 3Oh!3 it's a bit slower, but it's really good. What do you think? VOTE for your fave!!