Two artists are going head to head in a "KISS It or Diss It" battle. Here's the premise, each night I'm going to take two new songs and put them against each other for your love and affection.But you have to be sure to vote to make sure your favorite makes it to the next round!

(Jessica Sanchez/Maroon 5 official Facebook Pages)


(Melissa Awesome/106.1 KISS FM) OVER 900 VOTES! Jessica won again!

Jessica Sanchez Feat. Ne-Yo 'Tonight

At the age 11 Jessica performed in the first season of 'The Voice' she then came back for more when she took on American Idol and was runner up in season 11. She came in second to the one and only Phillip Phillips! She has a new album coming out on April 30th, and the first single off that album she teamed up with Ne-Yo. Check out the song and then be sure to vote for your favorite of the two songs below!!


Maroon 5 'Love Somebody'

Is there really much to be said about Maroon 5? The group has been around for quite some time, and when Adam Lavine isn't singing the hits, he's lending his coaching specialties on the voice! Jessica Sanchez was once a contestant on The voice, so the tables have turned! It's now coach VS singer! Who will win? Take a listen and vote for your favorite below!