Two artists are going head to head in a "KISS It or Diss It" battle. Here's the premise, each night I'm going to take two new songs and pit them against each other for your love and affection.But you have to be sure to vote to make sure your favorite makes it to the next round!

Daddy's Groove 'Stellar'

Two nighs in a row now Sean Kingston has taken over your heart and won KISS it or DISS it! Could he be this weeks champion?? You have to decide! The brave competitor tonight goes by the name Daddy's Grove, think they have what it takes? Check out their song 'Stellar' below and then be sure to vote for your favorite!!


Sean Kingston Feat Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa 'Beat it'

This sounds like a super group! Sean Kingston is also the new competitor for this weeks KISS it OR DISS IT! He teamed up with Wiz Khalifa, and Chris Brown to make his new song 'Beat It' Check it out below then be sure to vote for which song was your fave!! The winner will move onto the next round!