Two artists are going head to head in a "KISS It or Diss It" battle. Here's the premise, each night I'm going to take two new songs and pit them against each other for your love and affection.But you have to be sure to vote to make sure your favorite makes it to the next round!

(Selena Gomez/Classified Official Facebook Pages)

Selena Gomez 'Come and Get It'

She's back! The Biebs ex girlfriend is back and with a brand new hit! This has been a much awaited single from the singer, and I definitely think she didn't disappoint! This song is definitely goin to be stuck in your head for a while. Think she has what it takes to beat 2-time KISS it or DISS it winner Classified?? Take a listen and cast your vote below!


Classified Feat David Myles 'Inner Ninja'

Up and coming hip hop artist Classified, has a new hit out called 'Inner Ninja' it definitely has a hip hop vibe to it, but I'm also getting a slight hint of reggae in it! I'm diggin' this as well! I have a feeling this could be Classified's breakout hit! Take a listen and then be sure to cast a vote for your favorite song below!