Two artists are going head to head in a "KISS It or Diss It" battle. Here's the premise, each night I'm going to take two new songs and pit them against each other for your love and affection.But you have to be sure to vote to make sure your favorite makes it to the next round!

(Chris Brown/Drop City Yacht Club official Facebook Pages)


Chris Brown 'Fine China'

Chris Brown is no stranger to controversy, and tonight he's ready to take on Drop City Yacht club. His new song 'Fine China' starts out with a real Michael Jackson vibe, and a killer bass line. This song is definitely catchy, and has a great groove to it. Which song is your favorite? take a listen and vote below!


Drop City Yacht Club Feat Jeremih 'Crickets'

The Drop City Yacht Club is a trio from California who are ready to make their mark on your heart! They have a new song out featuring Jeremih called 'Crickets' and it's really got a cool vibe to it! They describe their sound as "Towing the line between clever hip hop, sly pop, and a splash of sun-soaked '60s rock." I don't think I could have said it any better myself! Take a listen to their song 'Crickets' and cast a vote for your favorite below!