Two artists are going to duke it out every weeknight at 9:00 but you have to vote for your favorite! The winner will move on to the next round and if they win for a week straight, they move into the KISS it or DISS it Hall of Fame! But only YOUR vote determines the winner!

After a very successful run on KISS it OR DISS it Jessica Sanchez won for a week straight and was retired into the KISS it or DISS it hall of fame! So that means starting tonight there is two new contestants! Let's meet the competitors!

(Anna Kendrick Twitter)

Anna Kendrick 'Cups'

If you like the movie Pitch Perfect, then you will love this song! It's from the Pitch Perfect soundtrack. Anna Kendrick is one of those multi-talented people, she can act, and this proves she can definitely sing.



(Paramore Facebook Page)

Paramore 'Still Into You'

Paramore has already made their mark on the music industry, and they're back with a brand new self-titled album that's available now! 'Still Into You' is the first single from that album.