My favorite Rock Band to come down the Pike in the past 5 years or so has to be Kings of Leon (their second-to-last album "Only By the Night" is a MUST HAVE).  However, the band had a pretty lousy weekend in Dallas.

Lead singer Caleb Followill was singing in the scorching Texas heat and was feeling the burn.  He told the audience he was sorry for his voice being off, blaiming it on the heat.  He then said he needed to step off stage for a moment to "vomit and drink a beer" and then promised to come back shortly and sing 3 last songs.


The band seemed embarrassed by their singer's unprofessionalism, but embarrassment turned into anger when Caleb never returned to the stage.  Jared Followill, Caleb's bassist and brother, apologized to Dallas and told them to "F---ing hate Caleb, not us."  He went on to elaborate on Twitter, adding "There are bigger problems in our band than not drinking enough Gatoraid."


It was announced today the remainder of the Kings of Leon tour has been cancelled.  The future of Kings of Leon remains uncertain.