How do you take an iconic scene from a science fiction classic and make it adorable? You have kids under the age of 10 re-enact it using cheap props and costumes mad of clothes purchased at Goodwill.

A group calling themselves "We Don't Give A Frak" apparently spends their time creating silly how-to videos, music videos, and movie re-enactments using kids simply because they want to. Their most recent re-enactment posted to their YouTube account a few days ago is a recreation of the famous chest bursting scene from the 1979 film Alien. I've never seen the film in its entirety, but I am familiar with the scene where the group of space explorers are sitting around the table enjoying a meal when one becomes violently ill. He flops around on the table, writhing around in pain while his co-workers attempt to calm him and assess the situation when suddenly a baby alien bursts from his chest and darts out of the room. You can find the original on YouTube.

Here's "We Don't Give A Frak's" version. For whatever reason (because they can, I assume) one of the kids is wearing what appears to be an Indian costume from the '70's while the others attempt to defend themselves with spoons. The alien is replaced by a sock covered in what appears to be pizza sauce holding a hair clip for teeth. Enjoy!

Other "Kids Swede Movies" (not sure why they call it that) include Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Rocky, and The Big Lebowski. All of which you can find on the We Don't Give A Frak YouTube page.