In another case of stupid employees doing something wrong and posting it on YouTube, these guys from Pikeville Kentucky thought it would be fun to toss around some iPads and post it on YouTube.  You think with all of the other examples of employees posting stupid videos to YouTube they would learn, but I guess not.

In this video (which by the way has some strong language, so fair warning!)  these three guys working in the back of Walmart, apparently find it funny to throw iPads just because they want to break something.  The guy starts out the video by saying "This is why you don't buy iPads from Walmart" he then films two guys tossing iPads to eachother.  The first one isn't so bad it's like oh they tossed it to each other no big, I mean you still shouldn't do it to a $700 electronic that someone will buy, but it's not the worst.  It's when they begin to throw the iPads on the floor just to break them.

I just don't get these people that post videos to YouTube and think their employers won't find out.  I mean really guys?  Have you not seen enough examples of people doing stuff like this and getting in trouble? Anyways apparently these guys lack the common sense gene.

You can check out the video below!

Once again this has some strong language so beware!