In my mind outside of Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson has been the only American Idol champ who has exemplified what I think is basis for the whole show. She's a huge pop star. What's Ruben Studdard up to these days? Taylor Hicks? Where did Lee Dewyze go? Clarkson has become an "idol", and thanks to some help from the cast of Glee, she's done something no other contestant in the history of the show has done.

Kelly's single, "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" has found it's way back to the top of Billboards Hot 100 singles chart for a third week after sliding to number 4 a week or so back. Until now, the most amount of time an Idol contestant had a song peak at number 1 was two weeks. Clarkson has done it twice before, the first time happening in 2002 with "A Moment Like This" then again in 2009 with, "My Life Would Suck Without You". Kelly's recent on stage guest, Clay Aiken, also had a two week run at number 1 in 2003 with "This is the Night".

So how does Glee come into play? Their performance of the song on a recent episode (video below) apparently reminded people it was an awesome song causing them to purchase it online and prompting radio stations around the country to play it even more. Looks like the theory that geeks will rule the world may have some truth to it.