It's been a few weeks since I've been taking my Pole Fitness Classes at Exotica Superstore on Washington Avenue and I thought I'd give you an update!

My arms are slimmer. My calves are leaner, and I I have had to move my belt down a notch smaller! I am having so much fun with the Pole Fitness Classes at Exotica Superstore! My instructor, Brandi is super helpful, and patient and she is great about cheering me on!

At my last class I was so proud! I have built enough upper body strength to actually climb to the top of the pole! All the way to the ceiling! This may not seem like a great accomplishment to some, but considering that I could barely pull myself up off of the floor a few weeks ago, I am very proud!

I have never been a gym person. To be honest, I am self-concious and feel physically awkward in a gym. The individual, one-on-one with my instructor in the Pole Fitness Classes helps me stay motivated & makes me feel more comfortable than I have ever felt in a gym. I have come a long way in the last several weeks and I can't wait for my next class! Maybe next time I'll make it upside down!

Check out what I'm learning, and what I'm going to learn to do. Again, I don't look as graceful as Brandi does, but it's still a great workout for me! Want to know more? Find Exotica Superstore on Facebook or online at