Since moving into the new place and getting cable hooked up I have been watching more television than I have in the last 3 years, and I am starting to find shows that I am really intrigued by. "Bar Rescue" on Spike-TV is one of the new favorites.



If you haven't seen the show, here's the basic run down. Jon Taffer is pretty much "The Man" when it comes to building, maintaining, and operating bars and nightclubs. He travels to failing bars that are near the point of having to lock their doors. Jon brings in professionals to remodel and retrain staff and he essentially "flips" these bars into major money makers.

I find this show to be so interesting because I have tended bar in a few places that really could have benefited from the help of someone like Jon. In fact, one of those places isn't even open any more. When I watch the show there are times when I am shocked & appalled at what I see, and there are other times when I am appalled but not shocked because I've worked in a place that wasn't any better but had so much potential.

Take a look as Jon tears into a cook, and the owners of the bar after his surveillance cameras catch the cook cross-contaminating food in the kitchen when she cuts raw chicken, fails to wash her hands, and then picks up cheese for a plate of nachos. This is basic food service 101!