I attended a Halloween party on Friday night, and I made Jello Shots to take with me. It had been a while since I had made Jello shots, so I did a little research, and tried something new! I was pleasantly surprised at my ingenuity!

Last time I made these tasty little treats I went the simple, easy way. Jello powder, vodka, and water... but they tasted terrible! They were far too strong! When I was asked to bring some for the party this weekend, I thought that I had better make sure they were delicious! After some serious on-line homework, I discovered my folly the last go around. I used straight hard liquor. The trick is to use half hard liquor, and half of a sweeter liquor - like schnapps.


I headed to the store to pick up supplies, and decided that I wanted to use Malibu Red for my hard liquor. I had sampled it at a tasting event, and thought it would make a good base alcohol for the Jello shots. It's a blend of Caribbean rum, tequila, and coconut liquor - and it's 70 proof so it added some kick. I also wanted something sweet to mix with the Malibu Red so I decided that peach schnapps would be a good mix for both the Malibu and the Jello flavors. After some quick math on my cell phone, I determined that to use all of both bottles, that I would need at least 6-8 3oz boxes of Jell-o. (750ml bottles = approx 25 ounces per bottle. 50 ounces of alcohol, poured 8 ounces per box of Jell-o) I actually ended up using 8 boxes of Jell-o and still have enough alcohol to probably make at least one more box. I made close to 150 Jello shots all total.

They turned out super awesome! Here's the rundown on the recipe!

What you need:

  • Hard Alcohol - Vodka, Rum, Tequila, etc...
  • "Soft" Alcohol - Schnapps, Pucker, Amaretto, etc...
  • 2oz cups & lids - I picked these up at Walmart. They were in the aisle with the Solo Cups.
  • Boiling water
  • Jello flavor of your choice - I actually made several different flavors using the same 2 liquors since I thought the flavors would go well together, but my favorites were the Cherry & Tropical Fusion!
  • Optional - Small funnel, condiment style squeeze bottle, and some great music - you're going to be in the kitchen for a while!

What to do:

  • Line up 2oz cups - you can use a little (VERY little) bit of non-stick cooking spray or a little vegetable oil on a napkin inside the cups. Just a very light layer - this will help the Jello come out once it sets!
  • Boil your water
  • Empty Jello powder into a bowl
  • Add 1 cup boiling water - mix well
  • Add 1/2 cup hard liquor & 1/2 cup "soft" liquor - mix well (I find it works best if you place the liquor in the freezer before hand. It gets nice & cold & will cool off the boiling water so you don't burn yourself!)
  • Pour the contents of the bowl into the condiment bottle - use the funnel!
  • Squeeze the bottle into the 2oz cups. Keep in mind a "shot" in a bar is generally 1 - 1 1/4 ounces - So only fill your little cups about half way.
  • Snap the lids on, and pop those babies in the fridge to set!

That's it! Easy peasy lemon cheesy! Happy Halloween!!