October in National Pizza Month, and to celebrate, I though I would share with you my favorite places to grab a slice!

Back in 1984, October was declared National Pizza Month! In celebration of such a glorious event, I wanted to share with you where I like to have pizza!!!

Lamasco Bar & Grill


A great pizza in a great place! Lamasco on Franklin Street is a must if you're a pizza lover! Don't take my word for it! Stop by 1331 West Franklin street and try it for yourself!




While Crickets is technically in Newburgh, it is just a short drive from Evansville's east side, and definitely is a must eat! Find them at 518 West Main Street just off of Hwy 662. Tell 'em Kat sent ya!


Turoni's Main Street


Turoni's actually has 2 locations in Evansville and one in Newburgh, but my favorite is the one at 408 N Main Street. My preference for location has nothing to do with the pizza but the blue-eyed moose that hangs on the wall on Main Street. The pizza at all 3 locations is delicious!

Leave a comment letting me know your favorite place to grab a pizza!