This has been a CRAZY week in the Mykals house! We've had more academic & extracurricular stuff going on than we've ever had in a single week of my days as a mom! Choir practice, band practice, choir concert, band concert, cheer clinic... and it isn't over until tomorrow with a FULL day of ISSMA band & choir competition.

Last night was the band concert to help the kids prepare for Saturday's state contesting. I've really got to say that not only am I incredibly proud of my daughter (the little trombone player in the back), but of ALL of these students! These kids have been playing for just over a year. This is the 7th grade band, and for most of these students, they had never even picked up an instrument before they began their music careers in the 6th grade.

They performed all three of the selections that they are taking to contest, but this video is of the very last selection, called Afterburn. You'll hear the band director talk about letting the kids perform sans conductor in this piece, as well as a little bit of background on the song itself. At the 1:00 minute mark, the music begins. I really am super proud of all of them!!!