I took a trip over the Fourth of July weekend to Northern Indiana, where I visited Lake Michigan. Check out photos from my trip to the beaches!

(Photo: Kat Mykals, Nikki Davis)

When I was 18 I visited one of the Great Lakes, but for the life of me, I do not remember which one! When I had the opportunity to travel with my friend Nikki to visit her family in Northern Indiana, with a promise that we'd go to the beach on Lake Michigan, I jumped at the chance!!! We had a great time visiting the beaches of Lake Michigan at Michigan City, Indiana, Chesterfield, Indiana, and New Buffalo, Michigan.

Each beach offered something unique! In New Buffalo, we searched for beach glass & hiked out the rock pier.

(Photos: Kat Mykals, Nikki Davis)


At Michigan City, we walked out to the lighthouse, where you can see the outline of Chicago on the horizon.

(Photo: Kat Mykals, Nikki Davis)

Chesterfield had these amazing dunes and a fine sandy beach. The lake is so vast, that it was almost like being a little girl at the ocean again.

(Photo: Kat Mykals, Nikki Davis)

I'll be honest, I cannot wait to go back and visit again. It was amazing!!! Keep an eye out for more photos from my trip up north, plus shots from the Paramore & Fall Out Boy Concert! They're coming soon!!!