Boy, does it ever feel good to be back to work! I know you may think that sounds strange, but when you love what you do, you miss it when you don't get to do it. While I didn't take off on a cruise or fly away to some sunshiny destination, I did do some pretty cool stuff.

Vacation started with me working on a gift for my daughter for her birthday. Since I knew I was intimately going to be spending a small fortune (in my mind, anyway) for her party, I didn't want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a gift that she would lose interest in after a few days. I decided I would make her a gift... by hand. And that, is exactly what I did! I'll have more on the gift later.


The next big event over vacation was that I took my daughter to get her braces taken off. After 2 years, and countless little rubber bands, it was finally time to take the metal out of her mouth and see her with the beautiful smile that she had been waiting for! Wow! I can't believe what a difference 2 years can make!



Other than making a gift, and getting braces off, there were lots of really great home cooked meals, multiple dinners on the grill, & several cold beers... Oh! And of course, the birthday party! On the 21st, my daughter turned 13. Since you only become an official teenager once in your life, I wanted to throw her an awesome party. I spent all week making lists, prepping, planning and executing one totally awesome (if I do say so myself) Glam Camping party! Of course, I can't take all of the credit. Mike did come out Friday night long enough to whip up some of his famous tacos, and he came back Saturday morning to make pancakes for 9 ravenous teenage girls. Yes. He is a brave, brave man, that husband of mine.

That's really about all there was to it. Nothing fancy. Nothing glitzy or super exciting. Just a week of not working and continuing to live life. I am looking forward to sharing the details of her gift, the braces, and the party with you later! For now, just know that I am so glad to be back with you!!

♥ K