Imagine my surprise when I get a message from The Shields Brothers asking me if I'd be willing to scream for them! Yes, you read that correctly... scream. They needed it for their new single, Saucy Jack - a song about Jack the Ripper.

Of course I just had to get them a good scream. Thanks to my wonderful husband, I was able to pull it all off and get a track recorded to send their way to use in their new single about Jack the Ripper. Saucy Jack is available for download on iTunes, Google Play, & Amazon.  I cannot wait to see what The Shields Brothers have in store for us next!

You can also check out the official music video for Saucy Jack right here! I love the way they're dressed - 1890's London style! They did such an amazing job with this video! Don't forget to listen for my scream!!