Because my Facebook addiction wasn't enough... Someone just HAD to come along & create a new form of social media based on photos highlighting DIY, recipes, home decor, and so much more!!!

Pinterest. Yes this is the name of the beast that now occupies most of my online time. When I'm not Facebooking it seems like I am Pinteresting... Is that a word?! I have become addicted to this new found sharing medium. If you've never seen Pinterest before, here's an idea of what it looks like when you log in:



The premise is easy. You create "Boards" (think virtual bulletin board without cork & real push pins to stick your fingers with.) and on those boards you pin your interests. (Pin + Interest = Pinterest. Get it?) I have several boards on my profile...



And of course on each board are the pins that I find interesting, want to share with others, or simply hang on to for future reference! In the DIY board there's everything from DIY cleaning products to no-sew T-shirt upcycling to how to make homemade Play-doh & homemade laundry soap (which I've actually made & it's AWESOME!) Inside my Kids & Family board are things like budgeting tips, sayings about family, and that sort of thing. My Yummy board is pretty self explanatory... It's all about the food!

Mike & I love to cook (and eat!) together & Pinterest is a constant source of recipes & food inspiration.



Most of the recipes on my Yummy board haven't been tried yet, but oh! let me tell ya, I can't wait!!

All of the pins, when you click them take you to their original source website, so once you see a photo that looks useful, you can click it and get all of the details. You can even share your own original content! It really is a genius idea, and I wish I would have thought of it first!

So take a look at Pinterest and try not to get addicted like I have!!