Hard to believe that it's been almost 13 years since my daughter came into this world! She has changed my life in such a profound and positive way. I really don't know where I'd be without her! 13 is a big milestone in a girl's life & I want this to be a birthday that she will never forget!

Originally, when I asked her about a party, she wanted to have a tea party for her & her friends. After several days on Pinterest, that quickly changed... and I hope this time it sticks because the planning is under way! So how does my daughter want to celebrate her 13th year?

Glamping! I know your asking "Kat, what in the world is that?!?" Well, it's camping... only girlier. Glam camping to be exact... you know, roughing it without actually roughing it! We are renting a  cabin, and my daughter and her friends are going to camp indoors with all of the luxuries of home along with some extras. You know, like s'mores!

Beyond the cabin and the s'mores I'm not really sure yet what all this Glamping thing is going to entail, but I bet it'll be fun! I promise, I'll keep you up to date as the plans unfold!!