Have you ever been up at 2 o'clock in the morning, just hanging around the house, watching TV and thought to yourself, "Self, I wish we had some Chinese food. Not heated up, day old greasy cardboard but FRESH sweet and sour chicken, chicken fried rice, kung pow chicken, General Tso's chicken, egg drop soup and though they are packaged - a fresh fortune cookie!"

Earlier this week, Rob wrote about his wish that Evansville would offer MTO stations at convenience stores. My food wish is that Evansville would offer some late-night Chinese delivery. I see shows like Seinfeld where people order this amazing Chinese any time of the night and it's delivered in 15 minutes by a little guy on a bicycle or in an old beat up Honda Civic. Why can't we have that here? I mean, at least on the weekends? No one but McDonald's, iHop or Denny's stays open all night and though I've gorged myself on a Lumberjack Slam a time or two (and thoroughly enjoyed it), I want someone to deliver so that I can sit in bed, naked, and eat my rice, one grain at time with a pair of chopsticks and watch reruns of Friends and King of Queens. Whose with me?