Kickstarter is a great website devoted to helping people fund their project ideas. Kat discovered a bunch of cat themed projects and can't stop laughing!


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Crowdsourcing is an amazing internet phenomenon. With websites like Kickstarter, a person can share their idea and vision, and through the generosity of strangers, fund their projects and see them into fruition. I was taking a look earlier and noticed a tag for #cats, so I clicked it. Some of the ideas and projects are very innovative and some made me LOL. Take a look and then leave a comment with your "Catstarter" ideas!!!

Kitties Love Noms

 This will be an Android based app that lets you play a game similar to Bejeweled.


Literally a cafe where you can snuggle with you cats!

The World's Most Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar

Pretty self-explanatory. This one is 100% funded, and then some, raising more than $25,000


This awesome device allows you to interact with your cats even when you are not home. This one is also 100% funded and then some, bringing in more than $250,000!!!