I had the opportunity to stop by the peaceful protest that took place at the Four Freedoms Monument on Evansville's riverfront yesterday. What an extraordinary experience.


Photo: Max Hedon

It is no secret that I am an ally. I have numerous friends and family that are members of the LGBT community so when I found out that there was a peaceful protest planned, I knew I wouldn't be missing it. I will admit, this was the first time I have ever participated in any kind of protest, but let me say, March 30, 2015 was a beautiful day. To witness the coming together of so many... to see our mayor, our state senator, and member of our city council there in support... and to hear the honking, cheering and shouts of solidarity and support of passing motorists... is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The entire vibe yesterday was one of love, tolerance, acceptance and equality. I am grateful and honored to have stood along side so many. If you were there yesterday, thank you for allowing me to stand up with you so that our voices could be heard.

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