Karmin recently did a cover of the popular Christmas song 'Sleigh Ride', but they did it with a twist! In typical Karmin fashion, they added a cool reggae beat, and of course Amy's classic rapping! Christmas has never sounded better!

Taylor Hill, Getty Images

Amy told Ryan Seacrest, “We were looking for one that we thought nobody had done or over-covered, and then we also wanted to find one that we could put our little Karmin reggae twist with rapping on,” And to that Nick added “It was super stupid catchy, so we were like, ‘Hey, I think we could make this fun.’”

i think they did a really good job at doing just that! This time of year so many artists start covering Christmas classics, but sometimes you want to hear one that stands out from the rest.  This one does a great job at standing out!

See for yourself, what do you think?!