January 29th, that's the day 'Believe Acoustic' hit's the stores, and I'm pretty excited for it! The bonus track for the album has already leaked though, it's nothing like you've ever heard from Justin Bieber and I have it here for you to listen to!


'Nothing Like Us' is the name of the bonus track, and it's a side of the Biebs that you may not be used to.  'Nothing Like Us' is a really raw emotional track.  It's very grown up and has a lot of heartache in it (I'm really selling this song aren't I? haha heartache? Emotional? Grown up? YIKES!).

There is some speculation that this song could be about the broken relationship between him and Selena.  But that hasn't been confirmed.  Listen to the lyrics, see what you think.

It's a very soft song, and nothing like the upbeat dance worthy songs we're used to from the Biebs.  But this song is just him and a piano.  Nothing super special about his vocals, just him singing, but he definitely has a very emotional soft tone to his voice through this song.

I really like it, even though it kind of makes me want to watch a Channing Tatum movie and eat ice cream...

Check it out for yourself below!