So on The Voice tonight Justin Bieber not only releases to us the official release date to his upcoming album 'Believe' he also releases ANOTHER teaser for the 'Boyfriend' music video.  Bieber, you're driving me crazy. And the official release date for 'Believe' is.... (drum roll please!)

JUNE 19th! That is the day we can expect to run into stores causing mass chaos to pick up the newest J Biebs album 'Believe' I have to be honest I'm pretty excited about this album! I have only heard 'Boyfriend' from it, and it's incredible, so if the rest of his album is anything like 'Boyfriend' it's going to be awesome.

Oh and after hinting on Twitter that his official music video for 'Boyfriend' might be released on The Voice, we just get like a one- one and a half minute clip of the video.  Justin, why are you playing these games with my heart?   Well before you check the clip out of him on The Voice announcing his release date for ' Believe' and the clip of the 'Boyfriend' music video you may want to check out teaser clips number one, number two, and number three.