So it's no surprise anymore that I, Melissa Awesome love Justin Bieber and can't wait for his new acoustic EP to drop.

January 29th is the day Justin Bieber's 'Believe Acoustic' album drops! So now with all those gift cards you will get for Christmas you can spend them on some good tunes! As far as the track listing goes it's all his best hits with a mix of both slow and upbeat songs.  As for Track 8, I'm not sure if it will be a new song or if Justin is saving that one for a surprise..who knows!

Here's the track list:

‘Believe Acoustic’ Track Listing’
1. ‘Boyfriend’
2. ‘As Long as You Love Me’
3. ‘Beauty and a Beat’
4. ‘She Don’t Like the Lights’
5. ‘Take You’
6. ‘Be Alright’
7. ‘All Around the World’
8. ‘Track 8′

Here's a video of Justin singing an acoustic version of 'As Long as You Love Me'