Oh Justin Bieber! You are so sweet! Following a facebook campaign for five-year-old Mia Pruder.  Read the story inside!


Mia Pruder is only 5 years old, and has already gone through more than any child should ever have to go through.  Mia is suffering from muscular dystrophy and mitochondrial depletion syndrome. She has already gone through several surgeries including a tracheotomy.  I'm 22 years old, and I have (knock on wood) never had to have any form of surgery, so to be 5 years old and going through this, I can only imagine what she is dealing with. However though there is a bright side to this story, Mia was able to fulfill her wish of meeting someone she really loves, Justin Bieber!

On Friday November 23rd, Mia was at Justin Biebers Scoitabank Place show, and was able to meet him.  Her mother said, “She burst into tears after she met him. Because she was so awestruck that she forgot to tell him she loved him."  Mia's mom said that Mia was the last person to get to meet Justin in the meet and greet, and that as soon as he saw her his demeanor seemed to “soften”.  I mean really though, look at this sweet girl and your heart just melts.

Mia was able to attend the meet and greet all thanks to Facebook.  Seriously the power of social media is scary, but in cases like this it's pretty awesome. You can check out her facebook page here! Mia even was able to meet and hang out with  Bieber’s dad, Jeremy and his half siblings Jazz and Jaxon! check out that photo here. (Is it totally inappropriate to say that Justin Bieber's dad is kind of a babe?) Justin Bieber clearly has good genes.