One lucky chick! Find out how she did it!  This girl Cady has started a campaign for "One less lonely prom" back in February of 2011 trying to get the Biebs himself to go with her.  Well unfortunately Justin Bieber was not able to go the prom with her, but he gave her a way better constellation prize. At her prom they displayed a video of Justin Bieber speaking to her directly inviting her to come with him to the Billboard Music Awards (which are tonight by the way!)  And Selena Gomez is out of the country (convenient!) so he needed a date to the Billboard Music Awards, so who is more deserving than the girl he turned down to her own prom?  Check out the video of Justin inviting her to the BBMA's  below! So there's been a lot in the news about stars going with their fans to things, like Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake going to military balls with dates that asked them via YouTube, and since social media is so popular, hey Johnny Depp, need a date to anything?  I will gladly accept!