Justin Bieber performed two nights at Madison Square Garden in New York, and on the second night something very strange happened!  A girl from the crowd threw her phone on stage, so Justin Bieber, being Justin Bieber took some photos of himself on it, and then some photos of the crowd.  Which is pretty cool in my opinion.  I wouldn't be mad if the Biebs took my phone and then took some pics on it.  Well Beliebers, aren't just your normal fan base.  Sometimes Beliebers can get crazy, so things started to get weird after that....


After one lucky fan had Justin Bieber personally take photos on her phone, all other fans wanted in on the action.  The only problem is Madison Square Garden can hold thousands of people so that's a lot of iPhones to be taking pictures on.  Fans started throwing their iPhones on stage, and you can tell even though Justin Bieber starts joking around, he's really serious that he is not going to be taking any more photos on phones.

He even at one point says " “Get this cell phone off the stage. We’re going to have a bunch of iPhones. I’m going to take them home.” He didn't sound nearly as annoyed as that quote makes him sound.   He then jokes and says "I'm going to take all these and open up my own AT&T"

Check out the video below!