That's right, it's time to celebrate with some Shots, shots shots, shots, shots EVERYBODYYYY! You can check out the post here where Redfoo was all calling it quitsies and giving party rockers everywhere heart attacks, but now SkyBlu comes back and is like yeah right, LMFAO for life. 

Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

True story! Last Friday, everyone was going crazy about the alleged LMFAO hiatus (ugh I hate that word).  Anyways though Skyblu came to the rescue on Monday stating to ABC News that

"LMFAO has not broken up. My uncle and partner, Redfoo, and I have decided to take some time between albums to explore our own interests in music and other areas in entertainment."

So there you have it! and if you are still wondering what all the break-up nonsense was about, basically LMFAO is taking some time apart in between albums to both go and work on their own projects.  However this is not the end of LMFAO, simply a break between albums.

Hey, party rockers gotta sleep sometime right?

Anyways take a big sigh of relief, look in the mirror and reconfirm that you are in fact 'Sexy' and you 'Know It' and throw on your dancing shoes because LMFAO isn't done!