I've had a great weekend with my daughter and I'm feeling very blessed. I just wanted to take a moment to be a little sentimental.

Photo: Kat Mykals

I took this picture today while out on a walk downtown. I don't know any of the history behind the Anchor Paving Co. Of Evansville, but I know the history of both sets of feet standing next to that marker on the sidewalk. One set is mine. The other, my daughter's. It seems like most days we get caught up in the hustle of life & we neglect to just stop & look around every once in while. Today it occurred to me just how much of an anchor the not-so little little girl wearing those black Vans has been in my life. I really am a very fortunate woman. I'm sure that having me for a mom hasn't been easy. I know I've made my fair share of mistakes along the way. After all, kids don't come with instruction manuals. I am very proud of the relationship she & I have and I'm glad that, even at almost 16, she isn't too cool to take a walk & a random foot photo with her mom.