The Los Angeles Times reports that jurors in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray may hear the full audio recording of a drugged Michael Jackson recorded six weeks before his death on Murray's iPhone.

Stephen Marx, a former computer examiner for the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, is expected to testify for the prosecution during today's portion of the trial and the recording is one of the more anticipated pieces of evidence.

A portion of the recording was used by the prosecution during opening statements to argue that Murray was aware of Jackson's "state", but continued to provide him drugs.

This won't be the first time Dr. Murray's iPhone has been used as evidence. Marx testified in a previous trial that data obtained from the phone shows that Murray had been reading and sending e-mails in the hours leading up to Jackson's death including some that referenced an insurance policy the promoters of Jackson's then-upcoming comeback concert series were attempting to buy.

The prosecution hopes to uses these e-mails as proof that Murray was not giving Jackson his full attention as he continued to treat him with a powerful anesthetic.

Murray is being charged with involuntary manslaughter and has plead not guilty insisting that Jackson injected himself with sedatives anesthetic.