If that IS his real name...


Tonight isn't even an elimination night, but "American Idol" fans may be saying goodbye to a contestant. Check this out:


TMZ is reporting that Jermaine Jones, the low-voiced, twice-saved contestant commonly referred to as the "Gentle Giant," will be going home TONIGHT after lying to police, "Idol" producers, and for having outstanding warrants.


The gossip site claims Jermaine Jones was arrested TWICE last year, one of which was supposedly a violent crime.  He's alleged to have given police a fake name and leaving this information off of his "Idol" application.


Jermaine has been portrayed as the soft, gentle, church-going mama's boy in his video packages, which makes this situation even more embarrassing for the #1 rated television show.  Rumors suggest we will see Jermaine one last time on tonight's live show, but will be shown the door tonight.


I don't know about you, but I won't miss Jermaine.  While I'll admit he has a unique, somewhat-captivating voice, I wouldn't describe it as "beautiful" or "good."  It was probably just a matter of time before America would have shown him the door anyway.


Will you miss Jermaine if/when he goes?