As a longtime subscriber to Maxim magazine, I'm looking forward to seeing next month's issue. Why? Because the always gorgeous Jennifer Love Hewitt will grace the cover for the fourth time. In the accompanying article, she reveals that she likes to stay in touch with her feminine side by pole dancing and reveals which part of her body is her favorite.

"It's horrible to say, but I like my boobs." Hewitt tells the magazine.

I think it's refreshing to hear a woman come right out and say that she's fond of a certain part of her body. Granted, this is a famous celebrity who has to stay in good shape to keep up with the demands of her career and I'm sure she employs some kind of personal trainer to help, but in a world where so many women aren't happy with how they look, I think Hewitt shows that it's OK to be proud of the assets they have.

In case you didn't know, today is International Women's Day which makes this the perfect time to stand up and tell the world you're proud of what you have. Let us know in the survey below.