The news keeps coming from music's first family!

Since the birth of their newborn baby girl Blue Ivy late Saturday night, Jay-Z and Beyonce have been keeping their names in the news.  There was the alleged 1.3 million dollar renovations made to the hospital they gave birth in; the supposed lock-down on other families getting to see the newest addition to their own families; Their baby is ALREADY on the Billboard charts; Jay-Z is supposedly giving up the B word; and now they're rumored to be heading into OUTTER SPACE!!


According to speculation, Jay-Z and Beyonce have been inquiring about the feasibility of using a Virgin Galactic spaceship with a camera crew.  Reportedly the Virgin Galacatic can maintain several minutes of weightlessness and antigravity.


Jay-Z, Beyonce, and antigravity spaceships??  If they put some dancing zombies in, this could be the coolest music video of all time!!