In the grand scheme of things, I don't really think I have full blown obsessive-compulsive disorder, I don't flip the lights on and off five times before I leave a room, but when I see this happen at the station, it certainly feels like it.

The picture above is a common, almost daily occurrence at the station. And every time I see it, I have to put it down. Chalk it up to a possibly mild case of OCD, or perhaps an overactive imagination, but every time I see this by the copy machine right outside my office, my thoughts instantly turn to someone at some point minding their own business, sorting papers they just grabbed off the printer, when BAM! the hinge on the paper cutter arm finally gives way and three of their fingers go rolling across the counter top. Or they simply brush their arm against it, slice a major artery, and fall to the floor. Left there on their own to try and stop the rush of blood pouring from their body with scrap paper from the trash can, or the report they just printed that needs to be on the boss's desk in five minutes. Now they're not only bleeding to death, but they're also risking getting fired for not doing their job. DOUBLE WHAMMY!

What can we all learn from this? If you didn't say, "put the paper cutter arm down when I'm done using it," then you need to go back and re-read the above paragraph again until that IS your answer. You know how Smokey the Bear says, "only you can prevent forest fires"? Well, only YOU can prevent coworkers from coming to work with 10 fingers and leaving with seven. Let's look out for each other, people.

Do you have any little ticks, or things you see that you can't let go until you correct them? Leave them in the comments below and I'll share them on air and here on the website.