Push-ups, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Checkers... The list goes on. It's a showdown for who is the most awesome! Jimmy Fallon or Justin Bieber.

There's a name for it when two guys get into a testosterone driven competition for who's the 'top dog.' Unfortunately, it's not a term that I'm ready to use here. If you know what it is, then cool. If not, well think for a second about 2 male dogs outside... One goes on the fire hydrant, and the other one goes on it too as soon as the other one has walked away. The first dog comes back & goes on it again... You get the idea. As long as there has been testosterone, there have been these displays of 'manhood.'

It should come as no surprise that the worlds sweetheart, Justin Bieber, is capable of such a display of machismo. I mean after all, he does posses the proper equipment. On a recent trip in to see Jimmy Fallon, the two entered into the age old 'who can do it better' game. For over 3 minutes these two XY chromosomes battle it out in an attempt to one up the other. Then finally, it all comes down to a Sudden Death Dance Off!

Take a look to see who comes out the victor.