If this commercial is any indication, your bad breath could bring an entire city to its knees.

"Worst Breath in the World" was released earlier today by Ferrero, the Italy-based maker of Tic-Tac's and utilizes a flash mob to give unsuspecting victims the impression that their breath ranks somewhere between rotten eggs, and rotten eggs covered in dog poop.

As each victim enters the scene, they are stopped by a member of the mob who apparently asks them for directions to somewhere (the whole thing is in Italian, so I have no idea what is actually said). As soon as the victim points in the direction they need to go, the man asking the question pretends to pass out which cues everyone around him to follow suit. From there, the victims are shown a movie theater sized screen showing other parts of town where their offending odor has apparently caused others in town to also pass out from the stench (although one victim doesn't stick around long enough to see that part).

There are some points where the spot feels more like one of those Sci-Fi flicks where some kind of disease has wiped out the entire population and it's up to one man to find the answer as to why, but overall it's a pretty creative concept that does a good job selling the product.