It was another crazy week from our friends at Evansville Watch!  Here's is the second half of this week's "It Came From Evansville Watch"!  Listen to the audio player below for our thoughts on stories like THESE!


Theft at JC Penney's- 800 N Green River Rd. 2 males stole items, they were chased across the lot by mall security. Suspects stole a sweatshirt, camo backpack, boxers and a bracelet. 1 of the them filled out a job application before shoplifting.



HAZARD: Reckless driver EB on Morgan Ave from Boeke Rd. Rider on a moped is texting while trying to drive.



General complaint call. Caller said his neighbor is playing football in the street. He's afraid someone will hit & damage the vehicles parked there. He confronted his neighbor about this and the neighbor mooned him. Officer dispatched to settle the case of the full football moon. (I missed the address)


Accident w/ injury at Olmstead Ave & Kentucky Ave. Scooter ran into a street sign, rider still down on ground