...That's French for the number "two."

This week, "our cup runneth over" with craziness, so here is "It Came From Evansville Watch" Part Deux!


Dispatch: Animal Control en route to St Mary's Hospital. They have a bat (in a box) in the administrative board meeting room.



2 females fighting at Weinbach & Monroe. Crowd is watching & cheering them on.



Reckless driver EB on Lloyd from Vann Ave. Motorcyclist doing wheelies, driving reckless while wearing green shorts and a green shirt on his green motorcycle.


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In the area of Walnut and Kelsey Ave: Multiple callers reporting seeing a flash of light and hearing an explosion. EFD/EPD in area for investigtion


Dispatch: Check welfare call at Ruler Foods on N First Ave. A female that looks like a man (per caller) is running in front of cars yelling the bombs are going to drop.