There was so much Evansville Watch this week, we had to split it into two!

This is the first half of this week's "It Came From Evansville Watch"!  Listen to the audio below!  Here are some of the highlights!



2400 block of Taylor Ave: teenagers TP'ing house in area. #damnkids #shenanigans
Suspicious circumstances behind A1 Tire at Franklin & Heidelbach. Child pornography and possible meth lab remnants in a trash bag.


Dispatch: Check welfare call on Covert Ave. Dog is on the roof of a house and the resident is disoriented. Update: Dispatched EFD L1 & Animal Control to the check welfare call on Covert Ave to get the dog (a terrier) off the roof.

Ingram Publishing

Dispatch: General complaint on Hesmer Rd. Caller said his 15 y/o son got a haircut without his permission.


Flasher by Jimmy John's - 701 N Burkhardt. Man is flashing customers & "doing more than that" in the bushes on side of the building