The gang over at Evansville Watch has been keeping their eye on the streets of the Tri-State!  Here are some of the things they reported on from the past seven days!  Don't forget to listen to our audio commentary as well!


Residential burglary just occurred at an apartment above the Old Fashion Butcher Shop on Stringtown Rd. Suspect fled on a bicycle, WB on Richardt Ave. He has red hair & a black eye. Left on a blue bicycle.



A heads up: The occupants of a late eighties-early nineties 4 door white car have been driving around the downtown & southside of Evansville shooting people with a paintball gun. A follower reported he & his partner were just hit at the corner of Adams & Garvin.



Dispatch: An intoxicated male was reportedly flashing people by the METS transfer station on NW 6th St. Officers en route.



Intoxicated person passed out next to their vehicle on the parking lot of CVS on Sonntag Ave. EPD en route.


Dispatch: Man dressed as a giant bird is strutting around at the intersection of Lloyd & Burkhardt. #tristateroads